Habersham County Ga Sunset

Competitive Climate

While many may not consider climate a competitive advantage, it is an important factor when considering a long-term investment.  Not only can the climate affect production due to bad weather conditions, but the overall climate impacts the attitude and morale of the workforce.

Thanks to its location in the Northeast Georgia Mountains, Habersham County's climate allows for a lovely change of seasons, but does not drastically shift between extreme conditions.  In addition to its stable climate, Habersham County is rarely the site of weather-related incidents, especially threatening weather posed by hurricanes.

Our area's stable and comfortable climate also bolsters the attitudes of our workforce. Residents of Habersham County report a high level of comfort in the area's climate, and very rarely use inclement weather as an excuse for tardiness or absence from work.

Yearly Averages

  • Average Yearly Precipitation: 60 inches
  • Average Number of Precipitation Days: 110
  • Average Number of Sunny Days: 220


Spring is a lovely season when trees and flowers burst into full bloom, creating a wonderful canopy of color that draws tourists from across the country.  Visitors take advantage of warming weather to visit the mountains for camping expeditions, hiking adventures, and wedding events.

  • Average Monthly Temperature: 60 degrees Fahrenheit / 15 degrees Celsius
  • Average Monthly Precipitation: 5 inches


Summer brings a wonderful mixture of warm days and mild nights. Residents take advantage of the warm climate for sight-seeing, fishing, and camping.  Although temperatures may climb above 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32-Celsius) 25 days during the summer, the majority of summer days are a comfortable 80 degrees Fahrenheit (26-Celsius). 

  • Average Monthly Temperature: 80 degrees Fahrenheit / 26 degree Celsius
  • Average Monthly Precipitation: 6 inches


Fall is the most cherished season in Northeast Georgia.  Autumn leaves turn the Northeast Georgia mountains into a golden wonderland, and fall festivals bring a sense of celebration to the community. 

Tourists spend an average of 6 days on vacation in Northeast Georgia to attend fall festivals, see the changing colors of the leaves, and have one last camping trip before winter arrives. 

  • Average Temperature: 55 degrees Fahrenheit / 14 degrees Celsius
  • Average Monthly Precipitation: 6 inches


Winters in the Northeast Georgia Mountains are the perfect mix of chilly days and festive spirits.  Although the temperature does drop in the winter, the cooler weather rarely brings snow, averaging 2-3 days of snowy activity per winter.  

  • Average Monthly Temperature: 40 degrees Fahrenheit / 4 degrees Celsius
  • Average Monthly Precipitation: 5 inches