Filming in Habersham County

Habersham County is an ideal place to film movies/shows thanks to its diverse array of natural settings: mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes, fields, quaint towns... it is a wonderful collection of on-site possibilities!

Wanderlust is the most recent movie filmed in Habersham County, and film star Jennifer Aniston had this to say about her time here:

"The main thing that was so refreshing for me was being in Clarkesville, Georgia, ... it was just sort of like all of your guards fell away.  You felt this, like, weight off of your shoulders constantly ... and I loved it."

Jennifer Anniston

The leaders of Habersham County believe all film projects should experience the same courtesy that Aniston experienced while filming Wanderlust.  With this in mind, all of the governments have joined together to create a uniform film ordinance that makes all future projects an easy and enjoyable experience. 

Click here to visit FlipsFilm, which contains our comprehensive and streamlined film ordinances and permit process.