Habersham County offers a wealth of benefits to business and industry of any size, particularly its access to a modern and efficient transportation system. Available buildings and sites in Habersham are conveniently located just 30 minutes from I-85, 90 minutes from the world's busiest airport and under five hours from the port of Savannah. The county is also served by two major U.S. Highways and a modern local airport.


Habersham County's road systems are second to none.  With two US Highways that pass through the county, and a strong network of county-maintained roads, companies will find Habersham County’s roads a valuable asset for bringing goods to market.  

US Highway 441 is the main north-south road in Habersham County.  Starting in Miami, Fla, and ending in Lake City, Tenn, US 441 starts is a convenient route for north-south traffic, especially for traffic bound for the Ports of Georgia.  The majority of the highway is four-laned in Georgia, and the state legislature is committed to making the entire highway a four-lane corridor.

US Hwy 23 also passes through Habersham County, connecting the community to Atlanta.  Commuters and truck transports use US 23 as the main route to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, as well as US Interstate 85 to the east of Habersham County.  With these two points of access, companies can easily bring goods domestic and international markets.

When combined with Georgia's road network, companies based in Habersham County can reach 70% of the United States' population within one day.  Access to these markets via I-85, as well as direct access to Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, is one of Habersham County's greatest strengths.  This logistical advantage, along with Habersham County's low tax rate, make it a great place to base a freight-oriented business.


The Habersham County Airport is located in the southern end of the county.  It has a 5,500-foot asphalt runway, a fuel tank farm that carries 100LL Jet A Fuel, and hanger/tie down space for almost any aircraft.  

The airport is located next to the Airport Industrial Park, making it a convenient asset for companies that routinely fly in clients, directors, or other support personnel.  

The airport is currently expanding its services, including the construction/extension of a parallel taxi-way, additional hanger space, and a new terminal building.  These features will make the Habersham County Airport an safe, attractive, and reliable transportation hub for any company that invests in Habersham County.