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About Habersham County

Named after Colonel Joseph Habersham, Habersham County sits at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in northeast Georgia. The trees of the Chattahoochee National Forest stand tall at the northern end of the county, while its southern end holds the majority of its population centers, including its commercial and industrial base.

Baby ChikHabersham County's 45,000 residents enjoy a comfortable way of the life year-round, and thousands of tourists visit each year to experience its unique quality of living. Springs and summers are filled with hometown festivals and exciting excursions to the mountains and rivers. Fall and are special seasons as thousands of tourists come to view the changing color of leaves, and stay for the community's charm and hospitality.

Habersham County's Number One industry is agriculture, with its major cash crops being peaches and apples, and its major commodities being chicken and pork. The farm gate value of the county's agricultural resources is approximately $30 million per year, the 3rd highest in the state of Georgia.

Aside from agriculture, the major industries of Habersham County include Tourism, Metal Fabrication, Food Processing, Professional Services, and Healthcare. The county's two intersecting four-lane highways (US 441 and US 23) put it at the crossroads of commerce, and its low tax burden makes it easy to open and operate a business.

In addition to its infrastructure, Habersham County's workforce is diverse and resilient thanks to the unique Industry + Education Connection between the public school system, Piedmont College, and North Georgia Technical College. The citizens of Habersham County truly believe in the motto, "It Takes a Village To Raise a Child," and have made education and training its top priority as Habersham County competes in today's global economy.

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